Discover our range of doors and frames, each designed to provide expert and innovative solutions to your construction challenges.

Flush Wood Doors

Featuring a modern architectural and commercial door manufacturing plant allows Vancouver Door to produce doors that are on the cutting edge with the latest trends in designer doors and big bold over size doors. Other specialty doors include lead lined doors and sound resistant doors. Our products include fire rated doors and environmentally certified wood doors.

Stile and Rail Doors and Frames

Design drives every decision at Trustile by making it easy for customers and architects to design doors that fit their project. Using true stile and rail construction transforms a room that value-engineered doors cannot.You can sense and feel the difference that a high quality door makes.

Aluminum Doors and Frames

Western Integrated Materials, Inc. introduces it’s line of interior aluminum doors to compliment their interior aluminum frames. These include swinging and sliding doors. Western Integrated Door Materials Alumaglide is an interior trackless sliding door system. Door and frame packages are available from the proven standard manufacture of interior aluminum frame systems.

FRP Doors and Frames

When considering life cycle costs, it is worth examining the advantages offered by Corrim Company’s FRP corrosion immune fiberglass doors and frames. These products have proven to be durable and resistant to corrosion, ensuring a longer lifespan compared to traditional alternatives. By choosing FRP doors and frames, customers can reduce maintenance and replacement expenses over time.
The Clark Agency, led by construction veteran Jim Clark, provides bespoke sales and product solutions to customers and manufacturers, leveraging Clark's 30 years of experience and active involvement in DHI.


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